RA (CBRPA) Scope of Practice

The RA(CBRPA) is an individual who holds certification in radiography, holds an ACLS certification, has a minimum of three years experience in medical imaging, has completed a minimum of 45 credit hours in a CBRPA -recognized program of instruction and has demonstrated competency in performing limited medical imaging procedures.. The listed tasks and responsibilities outline the RA(CBRPA) scope of Practice.

    1. Under radiologist supervision, the Radiology Assistant (RA-CBRPA) performs patient assessment, patient management, and selected examinations.
    2. Obtain clinical history from patient and medical records.
    3. Performs pre-procedure and post-procedure patient evaluation prior to a scheduled procedure.
    4. Obtains signed consent from patient for injection of contrast media and medication(s) prior to an imaging examination.
    5. Performs fluoroscopy for non-invasive procedures with direct radiologist supervision.
    6. Monitors and tailors selected imaging examinations under direct radiologist supervision.
    7. Provides naso-entric and oro-entric feeding tube placement in uncomplicated patients, as determined by the radiologist.
    8. Communicates the reports of radiologist findings to the referring physician or appropriate representative.