Purpose of the CBRPA

The CBRPA Board of Directors announced in 2005 that CBRPA will offer a certification examination for the Radiology Assistant (RA). The CBRPA possesses the expertise and experience to test at the RA and the RPA level. A need to offer an examination at the RA level became evident due to developing state legislation and absence of availability of a credentialing examination for the RA(CBRPA).

The Radiology Assistant profession is included in at least two state laws; therefore, precedence has been set for usage of the title. During the 1970s several Radiology Assistant educational programs existed and some of the graduates are still practicing in the workforce. Therefore, with the accepted history and common usage of the Radiology Assistant title, the CBRPA Board of Directors decided to continue the use of the established title.

The RA examination does not contain the same content as the RPA examination and is offered to candidates during the second year of a CBRPA recognized educational program. Those credentialed as a RA (CBRPA) will be eligible to apply to take RPA exam once they have completed additional courses in a recognized RPA program. The examination is a computer-based examination and upon successfully passing the examination, the RA credential is awarded to the candidates. The RA credential allows the student to enter the workforce at an earlier date and enhances the CBRPA credential.

The Radiology Practitioner Assistant certification awarded by CBRPA, by means of examination that qualifies the RPA to practice at a superior level than the Radiology Assistant. RPAs who pass the RPA exam are educationally and clinically prepared to perform tasks and responsibilities beyond the role delineation of the RA. Therefore, the CBRPA Board has determined that the RPA has met the criteria and standards and earned the credential of RA(CBRPA). The certification credential to be used will be RPA/RA(CBRPA).

Since the inception, CBRPA has worked tirelessly to promote the progression of the profession and is the only radiologic technology organizations solely under the control of technologists with no external organizational pressure. CBRPA has represented the advanced practice technologist for almost two decades and this focus has enabled the profession to endure. Although CBRPA is determined to continue in this role, they are always willing to cooperate with other professional organizations who wish to promote the profession.