Instructions for Off-Site Examination Process

Examination Candidates:

    • Off-site is defined as not on the Weber State University campus. Each candidate will have the choice to complete the examination on the Weber State University campus or to select a proctor and complete the examination at an off-site location.

If an off-site location is selected, the following instructions must be followed with no exceptions.

  • Each candidate must pay the examination fee and submit to the CBRPA office the completed application and the clinical competency listing signed by the supervising physician.
  • Each candidate must pay a proctor test fee of $200.00 to the CBRPA office ($50.00/hour for 4 hours) CBRPA will pay the proctor.
  • Each candidate must contact and secure permission from a faculty member or a testing center employee (not a work study, student helper or volunteer) at a college or university to serve as a proctor at the date and time of the examination.
  • The candidate must provide the institutional representative serving as the proctor with a copy of the CBRPA contract to be filled out by the proctor.
  • The candidate must provide to CBRPA the completed contract with the name of the proctor, the name of the institution, a phone number, and the email address of the proctor.
  • The candidate will provide to the proctor a picture identification card to be copied and sent to the CBRPA office.
  • No personal items such as backpacks, purses, etc. are allowed in the testing area. This restriction includes any type of electronic equipment, such as cell phones, recording devices, calculators of any type, iPod or any such similar items.

Proctor Information/Responsibilities:

  • The proctor must be either a faculty member or a testing center employee within a college or university. Student aides, volunteers, etc. are not eligible to proctor.
  • The proctor must sign the CBRPA contract and provide the information requested. The proctor or the candidate must mail or send the completed form to the CBRPA office.
  • The proctor must be present during the entire time of the examination.
  • Compensation for serving as a proctor is to be paid by the candidate.
  • Only individuals who have submitted an examination application and the required fee are eligible for the examination. The CBRPA office will monitor this and alert the proctor if the application and fee have not been received.
  • The candidate must show the proctor two forms of identification, and one must be a picture identification card. The proctor will make a copy of the picture ID for comparison on the day of the examination. The copy will then be sent to the CBRPA office upon completion of the examination.
  • The proctor will sign onto the computer at the established times. A web site and password will be provided to the proctor from the testing agency. Technical help will be provided during the exam, if needed.
  • No personal items such as backpacks, books, purses, etc. are allowed in the testing area. This restriction also includes cell phones, recording devices, calculators, iPods or any similar item.