Confidentiality of Records
Information contained within the registrant’s file will remain confidential and will only be distributed upon the registrant’s consent. Records will be maintained in the office of the organization.

Information may be released in the situations where the public health is threatened or a court order is received.

Confidentiality of the Examination Policy
Solicitation of questions from candidates who have previously taken the examination is considered unethical for the following reasons:

  • Candidates are expected to pass the exam on their own merit.
  • The purpose of the exam is to protect the public by ensuring each candidate is a trustworthy and competent individual.
  • Candidates pursuing exam takers for exam information are encouraging candidates to commit illegal acts and to jeopardize their integrity and can be disqualified from taking the exam.
  • Published exams are the copyright property of CBRPA.


  • Candidate Records
    Application materials, clinical assessment records and communications pertaining to the certification process and procedures are kept for a period of two years. Records of individuals who failed the test will be kept for a period of two years.
  • Registrants Records
    Records for individuals who have sat for the CBRPA examination and successfully passed since 1998 through to the present date are kept on file at the CBRPA offices. The information is kept in a secure file with digitized records that are continually being up-dated. In the future, the records will all be digitized and be kept as electronic files for each individual. These records will be kept for the life of the individual. The records are only available to authorized staff.
  • Examination Records
    Copies of examinations, related data and individual score sheets will be kept for a period of five years and then be shredded.