Application Process

Applicants must meet the following qualifications in order to be accepted to complete the CBRPA RPA Examination.

Application Processing
CBRPA offers the candidates an examination application and a copy of the Candidate Handbook via the internet and web site. The candidates are given the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the examination during scheduled Review Seminars.

Receipt of the Application
The application must be received on or before three (3) weeks prior to administration of the examination. Determination on accepting an application is based upon the postmark on the envelope containing the application. Late applications will be considered for the subsequent examination offering.

Accompanying the application must be the appropriate fee and the final clinical competency check-off listing signed by the supervising physician. The application is not considered complete without the fee and the clinical competency check-off listing.

Application Processing
Applications and clinical documents are reviewed by the Executive Director for completion and the required signatures of the supervising radiologists and educational director/supervisory faculty of the program. The candidate submitting an application that meets the requirements of the deadline date, completion of all sections of the application, submission of the clinical competency listing signed by the supervising physician and the fee is notified of his/her acceptance to sit for the examination. Candidates are referred to the copy of the content specifications contained on the web site to use as a study guide.

Candidates who are within six months of completing the baccalaureate degree requirements will be allowed to sit for the examination; however, their scores will be held for six months and upon verification of the degree requirement, the score will be released. If the candidates does not complete the degree requirement within the six month grace period, their scores will be destroyed and the candidate must reapply and retake the examination. All candidates must complete the professional aspect of the curriculum prior to sitting for the examination.

Review Seminar
A seminar will be scheduled prior to the examination date to provide the candidate with information on the concepts covered on the examination, sample test questions, case studies and a discussion on organ systems. The seminar is voluntary and candidates must register and pay the fee to attend. Denial of Eligibility Candidates found to be ineligible are notified in writing with the reasons provided. The file is then closed.

Appeal of Denial of Eligibility
The decision of ineligibility may be appealed to the CBRPA Board of Directors. See IV.C.5. Appeals Policies Retesting/Reapplication Policy If a candidate fails the examination, the application will remain on file for three years from the date of the original application. The candidate will have three opportunities to pass the examination. If the examination is failed a third time, a remedial program is recommended and information will be provided as to the areas of need.