Appeals Policy

Any unfavorable decision or determination made by the CBRPA can be appealed by filing a complaint. Individuals may appeal decisions, including but not limited to, eligibility, exam results, and certification status.

A decision reached by the Board of Directors may be appealed by writing a letter of appeal to the Board of Directors requesting a review of the decision. The appellate letter must meet the following conditions in order to qualify for a review.

  • The letter must be received by USPS within ninety days (90) of the decision made by the Board of Directors
  • The letter must contain new information not previously reviewed or additional information pertinent to the information previously reviewed.

An individual may request the presence of other witnesses or individuals with information to appear before the Board of Directors.

If necessary, a judge with experience in mitigation or negotiation may be retained at the expense of the appellee to conduct the hearing. Both parties will abide by the decision.