Position Statements

Supervision of Students In Medical Imaging
Radiology Practitioner Assistants have the knowledge and intimate understanding of medical imaging practices, protocols and procedures enabling them to supervise and to evaluate the performance of Registered Technologist and Radiology Practitioner Assistant students within the clinical area.

Administration of Intravenous Injections
Contained within the CBRPA Standards of Practice are several references indicating the RPA possesses the knowledge and skills to perform venipuncture and administration of contrast media and prescribed medications either by physician directions or by standing orders. Intravenous injections should be included in the listing of procedures during the credentialing process.

Supervision in the Performance of Intravenous Injections
Radiology Practitioner Assistants (RPA) possess the knowledge and life support skills to supervise injections of medication and contrast media by Radiologic Technologists with a licensed physician available to provide supervision. Absent specific protocols, RPAs can provide supervision of Radiologic Technologists for the parenteral injection of contrast media and other prescribed medications.

Intravenous Injection of Conscious Sedation
In accordance with the American Society of Anesthesiologists practice guidelines for non-anesthesiologists regarding procedures wherein intravenous conscious sedation is administered, Radiology Practitioner Assistants are qualified through education and experience to provide patient education prior to imaging procedure, including information required for informed consent, pre-procedure patient evaluation, administration of intravenous sedation under physician direction and supervision, patient monitoring during the procedure, conducting the post-procedure evaluation, providing discharge instructions and entering the appropriate information into the medical record.