CBRPA Symbols & Mission

The symbols of the CBRPA logo includes the atom designating the origin of radiation and the source of medical imaging, and the lamp of knowledge indicating the importance of education and knowledge.

The mission statement of CBRPA is:

“Improve patient care through education, certification and professional standards, and to provide leadership in medical imaging.”

CBRPA has enjoyed well over a decade of success that is all due to the efforts of all RPAs reflecting the values contained in the symbols and mission statement.

  1. Recognized in numerous health facilities across the country as a mid-level professional in medical imaging.
  2. Established parameters in clinical practice for mid-level professionals in medical imaging.
  3. Acquired recognition from CMS by being issued a taxonomy code and NPI number specific to the RPA.
  4. Established Standards of Practice for the mid-level health professional in medical imaging.
  5. Improved patient access and quality of care in radiology services.